LS One 2014 for Retail & Hospitality: Flexible, Feature Rich, Pay-As-You-Go

LS Retail, a leading provider of Retail and Hospitality software solutions, announces the release of LS One 2014. This version focuses on the addition of new functionality to make it easier and more affordable to set up and run stores or restaurants, as well as some reworking and enhancement of existing functionality.

This new version of LS One assists time-starved retailers and restaurants to serve customers better. The efforts have been focused on the following areas: making LS One easier to operate, centralized returns and easier lookups, table management and seating improvements, flexibility with unit measures of sales, increased security with authentication login within the POS and store, subscription-based pricing with monthly payments as you go, as well as enhancement of existing functionality.

“At LS Retail, we remain committed to helping retailers and hospitality businesses stay ahead of the curve by continually implementing key features that support their business needs”, says Magnus Norddahl, CEO of LS Retail. “With LS One 2014 we wanted to make it easier and affordable for small to medium merchants to get immediate benefits, have less implementation cost and time, and reduce capital binding in expensive IT software. With LS One 2014, you can serve your customers best in this changed world.”

Norddahl continues: “Lower cost of ownership is the new regime. Therefore SMBs only want to pay for the functionality they actually use, creating the need for out-of-the-box functionality. The software must be easy to implement and the time to value must be reduced to a minimum.”


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