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An Overview on POS Hardware

Are you aware of the terminology POS Hardware? POS or point of sale hardware signifies all the servers and machines required to plug in every peripheral. Each and every point of sale system has certain limitations. It requires specific physical input as well as output devices. These devices are widely used to carry out the […]

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Winos, rejoyce! There’s a barcode app for that.

Have you ever had a great bottle of wine one night, and not been able to remember what it was called the next morning? Yeah, all of us have. Thanks to the new-to-us app Cor.kz, this should no longer be a problem. Judging by how many times I’ve tried to perfectly align a teeny candle […]

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Increase Your Profits with a Point of Sale (POS) System

Whether you operate a chain of restaurants, a mom-and-pop convenience store, or a medium-sized retail shop, you are in business to make money. And, one of the most critical aspects to your profit and loss is your ability to track information… you need to know which products are making you money, what items need to […]

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