Renew Your RSPA Certification For 2013

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The RSPA Certification Program, which began in 2009, identifies companies in the retail technology industry who provide exceptional levels of competence and performance in a professional manner.

Certification not only benefits the people and businesses who are RSPA Certified, but also benefits the industry as a whole. Certification offers assurance to the public. Merchants or other end-users know that when they purchase a product or service from an RSPA Certified reseller, they are entering into a relationship built on trust, integrity, and competency.

For individuals who wish to credential their professional skills, RSPA currently has three certificate programs: Support Specialist, Sales Specialist, and PCIwise. All PCIwise educational courses will be available to RSPA members and their customers.

Certification must be renewed annually, which allows RSPA to elevate performance standards and ensure that companies maintain acceptable performance standards. The fee for certification is $100.


Steps to become a Certified Reseller:

  • Become an RSPA Member
  • Put RSPA member logo on your company website.
  • A minimum of one (1) member of executive management is required to complete the RSPA PCIwise for Technology Providers certificate program, which is free to members. 
  • Sign and return the 2012 Management Documents (RSPA Code of Ethics, Rate your Reseller, RSPA 8 Essentials for for POS Sales and Support)
  • Email your company logo to
  • Complete the online application by clicking the button to the left.

Additional Premier Certification Criteria:

  • Each reseller is required to have 15% of their technical staff complete the CompTIA Network+ credential.
  • 60% of Support personnel completed RSPA Support Specialist certification program. 
  • 60% of Sales personnel completed RSPA Sales Specialist certification program.

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