How Condor Solutions Ltd. Work To Serve Its Customers

Condor Solutions Ltd.  provides support to POS systems for our customers in industries such as restaurants, hospitality, liquor stores, gas stations, convenience stores , retail, as well as dealers. We also provide security solutions to our customers such as security cameras, online back up software support and antivirus software.

Condor Ltd Manila’s tasks are the following (but not limited to) : 
1. Helpdesk and Dispatch tasks (answering phones,  creating tickets, assigning tickets/transferring calls  to appropriate people , doing followup calls, creating opportunity tickets for sales lead). We also have a dedicated accounting staff which caters to invoices, leasing, disputes, licensing etc.

2. Troubleshooting POS systems over the phone and through remote connection, isolating the issue if it’s hardware or software and escalating it to our service manager or online techs if need be. We cater to several POS systems such as Future POS, Autostar – Starplus, Vectron POS, BEST, and Infotouch, PCA, Security Cameras / DVR, and Cash Registers. We also coordinate with program developers to ensure that the customers’ issues and queries are being addressed on a timely manner.

3. Technical support for Antivirus and Online backup, Polling Issues

4.  Upselling support contracts, online backup and antivirus solutions, paper and ink orders

5. We also conduct training for our customers which includes owners and POS dealers. Starting January 2013, we took over Kuya Alex’s task of programming the menus for our Canadian Customers. We are also assigned to conduct online reviews of those menus and make the necessary changes depending on the customer’s feedback.

Technical Support | Condor Solutions Ltd.

We have our tech meeting every Mondays at 8:00 AM MST together with our Canadian counterparts to discuss tasks to be accomplished, ongoing issues, commendations, complaints, recommendations and sharing of best practices.

We basically conduct our own training for policies and procedures, as well as troubleshooting steps for Non Future POS Systems with the guidance of our service manager.

– Bryan “Mac” Saique’s a part of the Condor LTD but also works as our resident I.T. Specialist for Condor Solutions RP Inc.

– Mac and I also manages the equipment inventory for Condor Solutions RP Inc.

Joseph Tabuñar | Condor Solutions Ltd.

Joseph Tabuñar

Team Leader

Technical Support Representative

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