A POS System For Your Business To Optimize Customer Loyalty

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A POS system includes a touch screen terminal and software for your business to save valuable time. It offers the opportunity to know the differences in stock in real time, detailed item sales, manage inventory, notify you when your stock reaches the minimum specified (which avoids stock outs) and facilitate your inventory by indicating the number of items in stock theory.

In addition, the POS software lets you know which item that sells for in a year, what time of day you make more sales and which is in demand. This software also manages the sales and promotions. You can then assign a percentage discount per item or family of items for a specific period.

As you know, the competition is fierce and customer loyalty is a major asset. A loyal customer worth more than passing. Manage client file is critical. With this software you will be able to:

  • Share with your customers great deals by e-mail or SMS;

  • Each book to surprise your customers for their birthday;

  • Create a customer loyalty card, allowing you to set the traffic statistics of your business.

Finally, the proposed software should adapt to your business, because, for example, a hairdresser does not sell the same benefits with other businesses.

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