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Point Of Sale Calgary | www.CondorPOSSolutions.comMore than half of purchases are not foreseen. It is on the point of sale that is made this purchase decision. POS greatly favors those impulse purchases and can come in many forms, posters, flags, banners, displays, booths, terminals, video screens, etc. In supermarkets, the ideal is to position these elements gondola or on islets event to maximize their visibility.

POS has several functions.
Attention: The face of 2,000 images and 20,000 stimuli to which the consumer is confronted daily, it is difficult to attract attention and curiosity. To be effective, the POS must be original and have visual elements familiar to the consumer (elements of an advertising campaign for example).

Provide Information: Consumers appreciate being informed of technical products and new products. However, for more impact, be sure to promote the image rather than text. Your brand should be clearly and quickly identifiable.

Encourage The Act Of Purchase: The product benefits must be clearly highlighted (grip, promo, special offers, etc.) Your POS needs to inspire consumers to take control of your product. So use a suitable support.

New Tools: More specifically, the market for digital signage and digital signage displays all the characteristics of an emerging market. Already present in some brands (especially in the DIY department), the use of audiovisual messages will evolve and grow. Some retailers have already opted for the implementation of on-screen display network and develop their own chain.

Animations: Once a stage is set, it must be done live. The animations are the finishing touch of a successful dramatization. A POS will be much more effective if it is accompanied by promotional events – see the upcoming event of Condor in the Philippines, Condor Solutions RP Inc. Note, however, time is no longer the simple distribution of coupons. To be credible, it is important to use fully trained facilitators on the product and capable of providing real advice. Speech and the ability to convince the facilitator should allow consumer acceptance.

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