White Board Mondays: Wait Time Cannot Be Seen On The Screen

Yep its Monday and its White Board Monday time.

Now we will be tackling what Tommy Gun’s South Surrey had encountered with their POS.

Hmmm so what to look at? Tommy Gun’s wait time cannot be seen on the screen.

Sarah of Tommy Gun’s called in saying that the screen on the TV needs to be resized because only the name of the customer can be seen on the screen but not the wait time.

What caused such problem? Font size is too big for the customer queue boxes.

And here is a quick solutions for it.
Adjust font size by :
1. Accessing TG Clientview folder on the admin computer.
2. Opening config.xml file with notepad
3. Adjust font size to a lower number. The default is Name: 36, Font: 18. Change the values to 32 and 16 respectively.


That’s it folks… see you next week for another White Board Monday!


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