Top Ten Point of Sale Stories of 2013

Top Ten Point of Sale Stories of 201310. Merchandise Planning to Help Your Business “Win @ Retail.”

How can merchandise planning affect your business? And how do you go about choosing the right merchandise planner? Learn this and more by reading this article.

9. Dealing with Data: The POS Way.

Create targeted campaigns and increase sales by utilizing your customer data correctly. Learn the best ways to collect and sift through data.

8. How Secure is Your POS?: Tips from McAfee.

Security is one of the most important concerns for any company. McAfee provides retailers with important information about how to ensure their customer information is secure.

7. Combating the Post-Holiday Lull.

After all the holiday shopping is done, retailers experience some of the slowest months for selling. Learn how to take advantage of these slow periods and drive more traffic into your store and increase those customers’ satisfaction.

6. TAXES: How to Keep Your Business Organized Year Round.

Tax season is stressful for many business owners, especially those who have procrastinated. The Intuit PaymentNetwork team presents some tips to stay organized throughout the year and get through tax season successfully.

5. Mobile POS Checkout Enhances Customer Experience.

What is customer satisfaction based on? This article reveals one of the biggest obstacles to customer satsifaction, and a possible solution.

4. SalesVu iPad POS Releases Free QuickBooks Integration.

SalesVu created an application to link a company’s mobile POS solution to QuickBooks accounting software. This article explains the benefits it can bring to retailers, restaurants, and service businesses.

3. Retailers Focus Mobile Efforts on Building Brand Loyalty.

How can small retailers compete with Amazon or eBay? Read about how mobile strategies can increase customer loyalty.

2. “Big Data” — Ally or Enemy for Restaurant Owners?

How does Big Data affect the process of data mining? Learn how to utilize your POS system for marketing purposes in this article.

1. Time to Get Rid of the Register?

This article explores the growing trend of replacing the traditional cash register with mobile options. Though the register is not yet obsolete, the benefits of a mobile POS system are numerous.





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