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QR Codes – Best Business Practices

Mobile barcodes, also known as 2D barcodes or Quick-Response (QR) codes, are fast becoming a foundational element of digital marketing.  They allow brands an instantaneous connection to their target audience.  Businesses have the opportunity to provide an engaging and interactive experience, all at the scan of a consumer’s cell phone. While they are fun and […]

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Measuring QR Code Response And Ad Performance

Picture this:    You have ONE website.     ONE offer.      A LIMITED print budget for the year. A need to maximize your advertising dollars. Now…. From all your media planning research, you have decided to go ahead and purchase media ads on 5 different publications. Your main goal is to drive traffic to your pages or […]

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How to Create a Barcode for a Particular Number

How do I create a barcode for a particular number? This barcoding question is one we get asked pretty frequently. The truth is – there are a few different questions hidden in here, and therefore a few different answers. I have been assigned a UPC-A, UPC-E or EAN-13 barcode number. How do I go about […]

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