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The Most Important Considerations for Purchasing POS Terminals

When budgeting is tight, every dollar is scrutinized. In this environment, it is understandable why so many companies look at the price of acquisition of POS (point of service) terminals first when considering what to upgrade for their customer transactions. That approach is the result of two underlying assumptions: (1) all terminals are basically the […]

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How Pricing Analysis Software Is Increasing Profitability for Retailers

To say that businesses shouldn’t be engaging in price competition is being idealistic. While prices shouldn’t be used as the main tool in maintaining competitiveness, it is unwise refusing to adjust them as a reaction to the price changes in the competition. Quality alone is no longer enough as a selling point. Even if you […]

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MMF POS Introduces Lockable Tablet Stands

INCREASES TABLET PROTECTION PRODUCT LINE MMF POS®, a leading supplier of cash drawers and accessories, increases its portfolio of versatile tablet protection solutions by introducing new Lockable Tablet Stands. These stands are ideal for use in retail, security, mobility, healthcare, multi-function hospitality and industrial markets. MMF POS recently launched its new versatile and flexible Tablet […]

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