The Other Side: A Sensible Point Of Sale Marketing

POS systems Canada | Condor Solutions Ltd.Since the 70s, marketing researchers have realized the importance of the atmosphere of a point of sale in the initiation of the act of purchase. Without any notion of handling, point of sale should have a decor and layout that make the product value and help it look pleasant and enjoyable  for the consumer.

 The Atmosphere Of A POS Academic Definition

Kotler said: “Corresponding to the effort to design buying environments to produce for the consumer specific emotional effects that increase when the probability of purchase.”

That is to say how the layout and decoration of a point of sale is important in a world where competition is becoming increasingly fierce.


What are the elements involved in creating the right atmosphere?

Its designers and architects playing on several levels to create the best concept. From carpet to ceiling, furniture shelving and color textures.

The choice of materials, shapes and colors obeys strict rules that incorporate both notions of sensory marketing, within budget and corporate image. The main objective is to create one upscale design in a timely manner and enables a profitable investment which gives a good impact on the customers.

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