Point Of Sale And Digital Marketing

Point Of Sale Calgary | www.condorpossolutions.comIn an ever-growing arsenal, innovative tools and marketing solutions for POS, digital signage is dominant and legitimate nowadays. Combining efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness, digital signage places the consumer at the center of a new relationship with the point of sale to make it a new experience, unique and enriching for every visit. Each screen of point of sale becomes a fully fledged media offering according to time, place and target specific programs and adapted and thereby capture these new “viewers”. And all reports and studies suggest the same trend: “The consumer wants to make consumption a pleasure. He is looking for emotions and fun shopping environment.”

 Beyond a simple representation of the product and services, it is in some cases that consumers think. Proximity marketing is expanding in versions: there is talk of “dramatization of the place of sale” to “happy shopping trip” or “retail-tainment.”


The purpose of the digital signage is there: to inform and animate purchasing, including what was not expected, and studies show, dynamic audiovisual communication has an impact on sales.

 Screens with display.

Objectives: To attract, recruit new consumers, expand your customer base in a high competition.

 In your window screens let you communicate to prospects in an innovative and user-friendly manner at any time of the day by broadcasting mixed messages that capture their attention.


Screens in linear on counter tops.

Objectives: To promote impulse buying.

Dynamic audiovisual communication provides an opportunity to refine the communication of products sold in a confined space where the consumers are. This in an entertaining and informative manner.


Screens in the point of sale.

Objectives: Dramatize offers and boost sales area.

The impact of promotional campaigns on local screens is three times higher than the static display. Dissemination of multimedia animations on screens LCD or PLASMA can boost communication on site sales and reach more than just the consumer.


Screens on hand.

Objectives: To reduce the perception of waiting and encourage impulse buying, make a more friendly venue, entertain and inform a customer waiting for a while.

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