How To Choose A Video Surveillance Kit

Security Cameras | Condor Solutions Ltd.Prior to purchasing security cameras, we recommend that you evaluate your needs by asking yourself some important questions:

1. Define the budget.

Evaluate the risks to your home, or to your local business. Set a budget that you can dedicate for video surveillance. Be aware that most cameras and systems that are being offered are completely extensible, and you can always purchase additional hardware to use.


2. Wired or wireless cameras?

The wireless surveillance cameras have become very popular in the market these days. They are generally compact in size and thus offer more discretion.


The biggest advantage is that they are very easy to install, and they are inexpensive and very easy to use. The disadvantage of these cameras is that they are susceptible to electromagnetic interference if there are obstacles between the camera and the point of reception. The signal from the cameras in this case becomes weaker, and can cause the appearance of parasites on the screen.


The image quality of a wireless camera is usually between 320 and 420 TV lines. Wireless video surveillance kit is well suited to individuals wishing to protect their home, apartment, room or even to monitor their child.


Regarding the wired cameras, they will guarantee the quality of video signal more reliable but require you to pull the cables. The image quality is also an important point, because a wide range of wired cameras allows you to choose the quality you need. CCTV kit with wired cameras are suitable for professionals wishing to protect their business, store, or restaurant.


3. Authorization for your video surveillance system.

An application must be made ​​to your prefecture for a public place, and if private cameras filming a part of the public highway. Learn how to get your prefecture permission.

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