CAP Retail POS: Customized Software for Security, Customer Service, VAR Support

CAP_Logic_Digital_Sign_DisplayRetail merchants, from mom and pop businesses to multi-store operations, are quickly learning that the key to an efficient, effective and seamless operation of their business is a robust and customizable point of sale (POS) system. Besides providing technical support to both front counter and back office personnel, a smooth operating system offers great opportunities for increasing customer service and sales.

There are many options for retailers to select from, and the field is growing as acceptance of the technology increases. CAP Software has provided POS services to retailers through its value added resellers (VARs) for over 35 years. The software offers quick transaction time, inventory control, extensive reports, CRM and marketing tools, tag printing, pricing and promotion management, to name a few of the benefits.

CAP’s flagship product is SellWise Pro, which is customized for multiple retail verticals including apparel and shoes, jewelry, tools and equipment rentals, pool supplies, lawn and garden, gift boutiques, liquor, tires and auto parts. POS functions include order tracking, work order management, layaway tracking, video surveillance options, QuickBooks accounting links, serial number-based asset tracking, item picture loading so clerks can verify the product they’re selling, customer loyalty tracking, secure payment processing, ID swipe and scanning and more.

POS software is also offered to help independent pharmacies compete with big-box competition and comply with Federal regulations. CAP’s direct interface to the SIGIS approved item list (IIAS) helps small pharmacies stay abreast of the current list of healthcare and prescription items that are approved for payment with Flexible Spending Accounts, which many small pharmacies can’t accept due to non-compliance with new regulations, costing them customers and profits.

Additionally, the company’s software helps sporting goods and firearms retailers maintain Federal Firearms Licensing compliance by tracking individual firearms by serial number, country of origin, data of entry, date of sale, and detailed customer information.

Will Atkinson, president of CAP Software, believes the company is poised to build on its three-and-a-half decades of success and move into new retail arenas. “As the mobility revolution continues to grow and evolve, we’re exploring new technologies and partnerships to help our resellers target new opportunities, such as franchise groups, small mall kiosks, and more. This will take a different model from our standard approach, but we believe we can fill a need there for POS support,” he stated in an exclusive interview with Point of Sale News.

CAP also believes strongly in protecting retailers by helping them become educated on the latest security issues and requirements for the Payment Card Industry (PCI), recognizing that compliance with PCI standards can help merchants protect themselves from fines and penalties that could occur from security breaches. SellWise Pro is one of CAP’s PCI Certified products. The company’s website offers several links to assist resellers and retailers in ensuring security for credit, debit and gift card transactions.

To that end, CAP has partnered with five payment processing companies that focus on security and PCI compliance. Sterling, Mercury Payment Systems, Datacap, Verifone/PC Charge Payment Server and World Pay are all designed to simplify card acceptance at the point of sale with low fees and constantly updated security technology.

One of the many unique features of CAP POS is marketing support for its VARs. Atkinson states, “We’ve chosen to provide professional marketing support to our VARs, at no cost, realizing that most are steeped in IT, but are not necessarily marketing specialists. Along with other elements of our service package, which includes initial and ongoing support, we can help our VARs become the IT experts in their local area, providing better sales and service opportunities, and increasing the brand’s value to their customers through powerful marketing strategies.”

Customer service is the key to CAP’s success. Both VARs and end users have lauded the company on its accessibility to tech support, as well as the ease of use of SellWise and other POS products. Many appreciate the capability for upgrades to meet their companies’ needs. CAP’s corporate mantra is “An International Reach with a Local Feel,” and the company strives to maintain an exemplary level of service with one-on-one professional technical support for every customer.

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