Advanced Software To Protect POS Terminals

PoS Shield prevents point of sale malware from heisting credit card numbers and sensitive customer information.
gI_58685_it_photo_119566 “It is no longer the case that credit card and sensitive customer information cannot be kept private and secure”

Austin based software security startup Internals LLC proudly introduces its advanced solution for preventing credit card theft from point of sale terminals.

“Recent attacks on major retailers such as Target and Home Depot that led to the leak of millions of consumer credit cards have proven that solutions such as anti viruses and whitelisting are inadequate when it comes to protecting point of sale terminals from malware. There is no other solution in the marketplace that was specifically designed to effectively protect point of sale terminals against malware threats.” says Yariv Kaplan, Chief Security Officer at Internals LLC. “What we have created is an affordable, but robust solution to a significant issue. It is no longer the case that credit card and sensitive customer information cannot be kept private and secure”.

The most common attack on PoS terminals is from malware that scans the memory of the PoS software searching for credit card track information. These types of malware are known as “RAM scrapers”. PoS Shield is an innovative point of sale security solution that blocks RAM scrapers and other types of PoS-specific malware that use keylogging and screen capturing to achieve their goal. PoS Shield’s unique solution creates a secure container around the PoS software to block access to its memory address space thereby offering zero hour protection against all flavors of “RAM scrapers” such as BlackPOS, Backoff, Dexter and Alina. In addition, PoS Shield detects and blocks keylogging and screen grabbing malware. All of this is performed without requiring continuous updates to signatures or whitelists while being able to block the latest strains of malware, even those that have never been encountered before.



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