Vectron POS Features

Software is flexible for many types of industry

Can be used in Retail or Food and Beverage industry with Water Resistant Keyboard, and Touch Screen programmability.

Management Security features include:

  • Void and Refund by Manager only
  • Discount by Manager and item control
  • Manager control up to 5 levels of reporting
  • Manager control for over 200 programs in database
  • Dallas key for clock in/out
  • Manager control for program changes
  • Manager control for transfer checks

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Multiple serial ports for Retail Industry will support scanner, printer, scale , pole display out of the box.

  • Scanning for Liquor, C –Store or Clothing
  • Inventory counts by scanner
  • Printing to many printer types
  • Durable hardened case for extreme environments
  • Interface to Back Office reporting
  • Look up Screens for any functions or Plu’s

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Open Configuration
Allows program to be customized to any vertical, and also customization within that vertical. Can set item name to any number of characters, so items can have 50 or 100 or 150 characters for identification, you choose for your application. Same applies for Department names, Group names Clerk Names, reporting and other areas of the program. Very industry specific customization is possible.

Customizable keyboard/Touch Screen

For any application, screens or keyboard can be customized for unique industries. Upselling screens to prompt users, or modifier screens to get orders the way the customer wants, as well as customized printing to receipt or kitchen. All this is available to truly define your application, the way you want it.

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German Engineering – Extremely low failure rate and maximum up time

  • Extremely durable unique case configurations
  • 5 different case configuration for any environment or vertical
  • “Mini” case for Fast Food counters
  • “Color Touch” case for wall mounting flat panel
  • Built in networking software that will not corrupt
  • Almost indestructible cases with internal shielding on main board
  • 64 bit technology for lightning speed processing
  • No Hard Drive, No O/S for extremely reliable operation

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Customizable Verticals

  • Embedded Software has all the features for Food and Beverage Verticals
  • Auto price level switching for Happy Hour or Daily Specials
  • Table Transfer/Server Transfer with or without management
  • Multiple discount types controlled by item and server
  • Customizable touch screen layout for fast entry
  • Customizable printing for Fast Food, Delivery Drivers, Kitchen printer or Kitchen Video systems

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Product Reports

Very unique reporting for ROM based system. Up to 5 levels of reporting. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and two more of your choice. Unheard of in the ROM based arena. Allows you to manage your business, your way.
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Multiple Locations – Chain accounts

We have Fast Food Accounts using the system with multiple terminals on the counter, Multiple store locations across the country and communication to Head Office through internet polling. Linked to custom software, reporting of sales activity by store or area is possible. All in a reliable, compact case for information that won’t let you down when you need it most.
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Back Office / Head Office Solution

With Commander polling software, each location within any geographical area can be polled seamlessly to a Central Head Office computer. With custom software, endless reports are available to stores or Head Office as required.
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