Vectron POS Benefits

  • Decrease down time
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Margins
  • Increase Turnover
  • Increase Sales
  • Reduce Manpower
  • Hourly Reporting
  • Reduce Training Time
  • Increase Accuracy of Orders
  • Increase Cashier Security
  • Reduce Price Over-rides
  • German engineering, low failure rate
  • Make Better Buying Decisions
  • Reduce System Down Time
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Reduce Paperwork
  • Speed Up Checkout Lines
  • Identify Peak Selling Hours
  • Customized program, faster operation, more sales
  • Reduced overall operating costs, increase customers
  • Improve Customer Service & Satisfaction
  • Multiple levels of Management Security

Customizable Touch Screens

Let’s say you currently sell 1 million a year. Your average monthly inventory cost is $54,000. If you can reduce waste by reducing errors for customer orders by 1%, then you would save approx $ 540.00 per month or about $ 6500.00 per year.
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Scanning in Retail

In a retail store doing 1 million a year, the average increase in revenue by reducing errors through scanning is approximately 2.1%, so scanning can add on average $ 21,000 to your bottom line.
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German Engineering/Rom Based System

Since there is no Hard Drive or Operating System, the data remains intact even after massive power failures. With 64 bit technology, Rom based internal instructions, and hardened case, it becomes obvious that these terminals can be placed in some very extreme environments.In the fast food industry or Bar industry, where typically moisture and heat become the enemy of any electronics, this product is designed to thrive in this type of environment.It is by far the most reliable hardware available today in this type of configuration.If we estimate down time of minimum 1 hour for every 6 months of operation, in the fast food or restaurant business, this could amount to anywhere from$ 2000.00 to$ 4000.00 in revenue depending on the volume the business is doing.Why put yourself at risk when there is no need?With other systems, it is just a matter of time before the hard drive or Operating Systems start to fail.
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Different Case Configurations

In the Fast Food business, counter top space is valuable real estate.The Vectron Mini’s, small footprint takes up less space than a serving tray.This counter space is worth dollars to the business.You can put an additional terminal in the space where typically only two terminals would normally fit.This means extra customers can be processed with speed at busy intervals.With average sales of just 8 dollars per customer, you could increase your customer count by 10 %, which would in turn generate about$ 400 to $ 500 revenue per day during busy periods.Even if this happens just once a week, it would add about$ 2000.00 per month to your sales.Vectron offers Flat PanelKeyboard and Touch Combinations, Mini’s, Mobile Handheld’s , Modular and PC case configurations.Each one has its own distinct advantages , where it can improve your business and increase your profits.
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