Star-Plus POS Features

Purchasing and Receiving / Streamlining inventory management processes

Allows you to track your inventory on hand using the FIFO method in real time and update records after physical inventory counts. Also create and manage purchase orders.
Inventory management features include:
• Automated ordering
• Back orders
• Customizable data fields
• Import vendor catalogs
• Inventory classification
• Item lookup by attribute
• Kit assembly
• Multiple stores/inventories

The Purchase Order program is used to create orders for specific vendors. Calculate purchase orders based on min/max quantities on hand. Receive inventory manually or through a previously processed purchase order. To Streamline operations use the Direct Store Delivery from major manufacturers.
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Replenishment Ordering

The Replenishment Ordering is used to calculate purchase orders based on inventory that was sold in a specified time period.
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Scientific Purchasing

Scientific Purchasing analyzes sales trends and bases suggestions for ordering on the following factors:
• sales history (with linear regression and margin/retail smoothing applied)
• current on hand inventory
• seasonality
• minimum stock level
• minimum on hand quantity
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Signs and Labels

The Star~Plus Signs & Labels module is a fully-integrated solution that eliminates the need to export to a third party solution. Create and print professional looking signs, labels, and stickers customized specifically for your store.
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Customer Loyalty

The Customer Loyalty program gives you the flexibility to give automatic discounts and/or gift certificates that may be based on accumulated points or various other configurations.
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Advanced GWP & Coupons

The Advanced Gift With Purchase Manager provides the user with more control over when customers will qualify for gifts with purchase and under which conditions the rewards they receive can be redeemed.
The Gift With Purchase program enables a store to reward customers for reaching a specified threshold with free items, gift certificates, discounts, bonus points and prize entry forms.
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Product Reports

Product Reports can be customized to keep track of product information, sales history and other useful information. This management tool including a custom report builder summarizes your store’s information so you can make the most informed decisions. Sales reports allow you to monitor and improve margins, review sales values, and maintain the product file.
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Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable program maintains the charges and payments made by customers within the store, allowing information about charges to be viewed, statements to be printed and reports to be run to analyze the impact of the accounts receivable program within the store.
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The Dashboard Module is a business management tool used to visually observe the status of a business via key business indicators. Dashboard uses visual, at-a-glance displays of data pulled from various Star~Plus programs and reports to provide summaries of business conditions and alerts the user its potential problems.
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Multiple Stores

For customers with up to five stores, Multi-Store is a cost effective way to manage all of your office branches from one central site. Multi-Store integrates with Star~Plus giving you the ability to share data including products on file, inventory quantities, etc., from any location.
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Wireless Handheld

The Star~Plus Wireless Handheld module is a fully-integrated solution that utilizes handheld devices to conduct price checks, Purchase Orders & receiving, count inventory, direct store delivery (DSD). Combine a PDA with a mobile printer to print shelf labels on the fly.
Head Office / Enterprise Solution
With retail businesses having more than five branches, Auto-Star offers Star~Link retail chain management software that provides head offices a system to communicate inventory information, sales updates, and promotions with linked stores. Star~Link exceeds standard information packages by enabling managers to ensure consistency throughout the chain through the use of real-time data processing.
Auto-Star also offers web-hosted solutions for the Star-Link program.
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