MyTime SMS Queue Management System

MyTime is a queue management system used to control queues of people form in various situations and locations in a queue area.

MyTime puts business owners in control of their customer’s experience. It allows businesses to define the way the staff will handle customers when they visit the branch. Through this queuing system, customer representatives are provided with a more systematic workflow and this enables them to be more focused on the task they have at hand. It also is capable of calculating and displaying the estimated wait time of each customer.

MyTime is also capable of sending SMS notifications to customers when they are about to be serviced.

MyTime is ideal for a wide range of industries:

  • Salons, barbershops and spa
  • Automotive service centers
  • Banking and financial institutions
  • Medical and healthcare centers
  • Government agencies
  • Airline and shipping industries
  • Schools, colleges and universities


Centralized Queue Administration

  • The centralized admin system allows users to access the software from anywhere in the network.
  • From the central admin system, users can manage:
    • Customer queues
    • Services offered
    • Service slots, counters or shifts
    • Staff management
    • Staff scheduling
    • System configuration
    • Send SMS notifications
    • Notification settings
    • View reports

Booking Kiosk Solutions

  • Allows the customer to check in or book efficiently through a touch screen kiosk.
  • Displays estimated wait time.
  • Customer can select service desired, choose notification level and add notes.
  • Multiple kiosks can be installed within the branch.

Digital Signage Solutions

  • Display list of customers in queue with status and show estimated wait time.
  • Display advertisements and announcements.
  • Multiple display can be installed within the branch.

SMS Server solutions

  • MyTime sends SMS messages through a centralized SMS server that all branches use.
  • Staff can also send SMS messages manually


Improve Customer Experience

Improve customer experience by simplifying queuing process.

Increase Staff and Service Efficiency

MyTime helps business owners to better manage queue and services being offered. Quickly enable to entertain next customer quickly and easily. This system also ensures that the customer approach the correct counter or station on their desired service.

Decrease wait time

Staff can do a better job of monitoring queue and reallocating resources to the waiting customers. Customers are notified immediately when a counter or station is ready to accommodate them.

Decrease perceived wait time

Customers’ perceived wait time decreases when they are preoccupied with doing something else. The digital signage keeps them busy and distracted while they wait for their turn in the queue. Perceived wait time also decreases when they see through the digital signage that the queue is moving.