Future POS Features


Timekeeping and Labor Scheduling

You can absolutely setup and manage your employees’ schedules right in the Future POS point of sale program. You can record your employees’ attendance, schedule shifts, and enter their leaves and record days off. With a built-in software calculation of labor cost, management can check for a scheduled pay period of every employee, which can be printed out from any POS terminal.
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Fingerprint ID for Clock/Sign In

Eliminate the possibility of worker fraud using the fingerprint identification option, which secures access to POS terminals for clocking in and out, performing voids, etc. This ensures that only managers have access to manager functions.
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Gift Cards and Gift Card ValueLink Interface

Gift cards can be magnetic cards or paper. Future POS point of sale allows you to create, track, and manage all of your gift cards. You can issue Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards directly from your system with no fees to worry about. Selling Gift Cards is fast and easy, takes 10 seconds! According to reports, it shows that gift cards can bring numbers of first time customers at your door. Has your establishment used any gift cards yet?
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Frequent Diner Plans

Frequent Diner Plans feature permits you to reward loyal customers and win new customers with the reward of your choice resulting to an increased business!
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There are reporting options on monitoring and reporting of employees’ activities, sales, menu items, inventories and customers data, sales reporting. These reports can also be exported into various formats.
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Graphical User Interface

Future POS system is simple to use because of its fully customizable button interface located on the Front End of the software. Users sign on, place orders, and process sales all with just a touch of a button.

With fast, simple, and customizable multi-column modifiers, ordering times are reduced.

Screen layouts can be created for different staff function (servers, bar tenders, managers). Order entry screens are flexible and configurable to your specific requirements. Button sizes, colors, fonts, and graphics or none are all up to you!
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Expert Programming

Future POS point of sale is programmed by highly skilled developers who are in their expertise for 14 years. Our developers take great care to ensure that Future POS system is reliable and secure.

The Future POS system runs on Microsoft SQLTM platform, which gives excellent security and easy integration to third party applications.
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Digital Signage

Even just an average digital signage system costs thousands of dollars. The Award Winning Digital Signage Module of Future POS point of sale is included absolutely free of charge.

The module includes:

Scheduled Content

  • Display advertisements, specials, movies and more!
  • Schedule content in a customized playlist to run monthly, weekly or daily
  • Uses all popular file formats, e.g., .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, .SWF, or MPEG4

Scoreboard Output

  • Drive-thru displays or rear facing
  • HTML-based screens to create customized layouts
  • Real time output of sales information
  • Internal or external

Digital Menu boards

  • Future POS’ menu updated live
  • HTML-based screens to create customized layouts

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Handheld Technology

Future POS point-of-sale handheld devices provide increased efficiency and mobility to your servers while giving customer services faster. Handheld devices are portable Future POS terminals. Servers can input orders and complete other tasks they would normally do on a Future POS terminal.
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Complete POS Functionality

The Handheld POS interface mimics the standard terminal, enabling servers to access all of the functions of the terminal with almost no extra training.
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Improved Customer Service

The Handheld POS allows servers to focus on serving customers where they are needed. They can take and send orders to the kitchen without ever leaving the floor.
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Multi-Column Modifiers

Reduce ordering time with the Future POS’ fast, simple, and customizable multi-column modifiers. Every option for an item can be found in one modifier window. No need to click from screen to screen or search for buttons on different menus.
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Surveillance/Security Camera Interface

With the built-in Surveillance Module and an ordinary web camera, you can effectively protect your business from fraud and theft. Your Future POS system can monitor your business with event-driven video and real time surveillance. You can write log files of all your video activities.
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Third Party Interfaces

  • Email customers and employees to alert them about specials, events, etc.
  • House Charge Accounts for tracking customer sales or employee meals with personalized statements
  • Fast debit and credit card transactions via the internet with Mercury payment or Sterling (other processors also available with the purchase of NETePAY license or IPTran modem)
  • Interfaces with payroll programs: ADP, Paychex, ABBA, MenuLink and Quickbooks Pro
  • Interfaces with general ledger accounting programs: Great Plains, Peachtree, MAS90, MenuLink and Quickbooks Pro
  • Interfaces with popular inventory control programs: Cheftec, MenuLink, and Food-Trak
  • Interfaces with Microsoft MapPointᶱ

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End-to-End Encryption

Future POS point of sale has incorporated End-to-End Encryption and Tokenization for credit card processing using MagTek’s encrypted magnetic card reader and Mercury Payment Systems. A merchant can completely protect themselves from having a point of sale credit card security breach.

Credit card data can only be processed at Mercury Payment Systems servers. The system cannot have access to any sensitive cardholder data so there is no way for it to be stolen.

Instead of worrying about a PCI audit and Visa/MasterCard fines in the hundreds of thousands, owners and managers can focus on running their businesses and be more competitive than ever.
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Multiple business locations can be controlled from a single site with the Future POS Enterprise software. Owners and managers can have the capability to analyze and share resources for various businesses from a central location. Stores can also share customer information, gift certificates, sale information, items, buttons, menus, and more.
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Powerful Microsoft SQL Database

Users get complete control, access and excellent security to their data with the Future POS system running on a fast and reliable Microsoft SQL Database, which is the new industry standard. The database features easy integration to third party applications and cutting-edge business intelligence tools.
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Menu Maintenance

With a most flexible and customizable Graphical User Interface of the Future POS system, the Menu Maintenance feature can easily manipulate menus to suit any requirement. The latest Microsoft technologies are utilized that even an average user can actually understand and operate. While other systems are still using decades-old technology, Future POS is reinvesting and reinventing its products constantly to give modern, functional user interface.
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