Security Cameras Features

Our user-friendly, high performance, DVR’s offers a wide range of features including recording, storing and playback of video on demand. Each setting can be adjusted on an individual camera basis. Advanced video search capabilities make finding desired video fast and easy
security-dvrWe provide intelligent and professional CCTV management solutions, integrating the latest technology and the most advanced features while maintaining a simple, intuitive, and graphical interface that meets demanding security needs to suit industrial and commercial applications.

Image Quality:

Detail-rich images can be obtained while maintaining small file sizes maximizing your available storage space. Hardware Compression resulting in real-time display performance and recording for smooth life-like video playback.
Smart Backup:
Backing up important video is simple to do, and it also automatically installs playback software to view the files so you don’t have to download codecs, saving you time and money. So the Police can take the files out to their vehicle and watch it on their laptop with no additional software required
Remote Connectivity:
Remote connectivity allowing you to connect and view your DVR world-wide and control multiple sites can be a very useful tool if you are on the road a lot or away on vacation and want to keep an eye on what is going on

HDMI Compatibility:

Integrated HDMI out allowing you to view your cameras on high definition displays such as LCD, DLP and Plasma (720p resolution). This eliminates any stretching, pixilation and distortion that normally occurs, leaving you with clear images.


•    Hardware Compressed H.264
•    HDMI port for High Resolution Display
•    Multiple user access and privileges
•    Backup options include USB, Remote backup
•    PTZ control via RS-485
•    Custom motion zones per camera
•    Email notification
•    Compatible with VGA, BNC, and HDMI video outputs
•    Covert Recording capable
•    Remote view via Internet Explorer or NVR client Software
•    Record 16 channels 30 FPS CIF Resolution (7FPS D1)
•    On Screen Pan-Tilt-Zoom control
•    6 Recording Modes
•    Mouse and Remote Control Included
•    Iphone support
•    Embedded Linux OS
•    Dual Streaming