Using Labels to Define an Industry and a Company

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In the simplest of terms, a label is something that describes the contents within a package, container, box, or bottle. A label can be much more than that, however. It can be used to warn, brand, instruct, promote and define something. There’s one company out there using labels to help customers differentiate their products and grow their small businesses by making it easier for people to design, print and use labels than ever before. was founded in 1998 by Dave Carmany, who had a unique vision to empower customers to make their own labels as a way to save both time and money. The business model he formed allowed customers the flexibility to choose from blank label size and material combinations, order the exact amount desired, and print themselves on an as-needed basis to create their own professional-looking labels. The result was an instant success as customers no longer had to wait for print shops to do their printing while being required to meet minimum order demands and pay extra design fees.

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Almost 20 years later, that vision still hasn’t wavered and has grown to include offering customers exceptional service and a one-of-a-kind user experience. The thriving business is located in fully-equipped facility the size of several football fields and now offers thousands of standard-size and material configurations for blank sheeted labels, direct thermal, and thermal transfer roll labels. The Company also placed a heavy focus on offering tools like barcode generators, pre-designed and blank templates, online tutorials, how-to videos, an all-encompassing learning center as well as a groundbreaking online software, Maestro Label Designer. For customers unable to print their own labels no matter what the reason, offers professional custom printed label services with hundreds of different size and material combinations.

OnlineLabels Shipping BoxesOne might attribute this success to having a primo idea at the prime time, but it takes more than imagination to become a leader in the field. It takes investment, and Carmany has invested in business and in his building and equipment, but his largest investment has been in his people. Coming from a customer service background, Carmany keeps his focus on making sure that both his customers and his employees are satisfied. He made sure that’s new facility included a café, an outdoor pavilion, some game rooms, an internet room, and a relaxation room complete with massage chairs. The philosophy about keeping your customers happy also rings true for keeping your employees happy. Carmany pointed out that it’s really the people of who make the true difference. Every person on staff at shares the same vision: be the world leader in giving people the tools and solutions they need to create amazing labels. “It’s our customer service team, our shipping department, the web development and graphics guys, the marketing folks, and programmers that make not only a great place to work, but a great organization to do business with,” he said. Not only do the Company’s employees get to enjoy the perks of the new building, but they are empowered to make their own decisions.


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