Condor Flies To Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – A 100% Canadian owned, Condor POS Solutions Ltd. operated and work out of Alberta, Canada provides point of sale systems to industries such as restaurants, hospitality, liquor stores, convenience stores, gas stations, retail, and to other types of businesses is now pioneering in the country identified as Condor POS Solutions RP Inc.


Dave Appleton, Condor POS Solutions president said, “As a Future POS dealer in Canada and providing I.T. support to some of our US Future POS partners, it was our staff in Manila that initiated our company to  bring Future POS to the Philippines. Upon their personal experience supporting Future POS and exposed to the local market in the Philippines, they saw an opportunity that our company was well positioned to take advantage. As most companies do, we research this opportunity, interviewed dealers, talked with end users and made a presentation to BIR to identify the gap required for accreditation. Based on this information we believe that F&B was about 8 years behind the North American market and dealers welcomed our entry into this market and partnering was an opportunity we could not say no to. We presented our vision to Future POS in the USA and they awarded us master distribution rights across the Philippines. We immediately finalized our requirements with the BIR and received certification in April of 2013.”


“Future POS is a company that invest in new software technology, adding new features each and every year. They take guidance in software enhancements from their dealer channel who is listening to their client base and like everything in the software, EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED IN THE SOFTWARE…” Appleton emphasized. “Without the end user having to pay more for added features. Condor POS Solutions RP Inc. has an office in Quezon City that can support its customers 24/7 days a week because it is presently supporting North American customers during the night and our regular staff during the day for the Philippines. Offering North American style software and support will position us as the most preferred and leading provider of professional business solutions services in the Philippines.” he added.


Condor POS Solutions RP Inc. aims to play the key role by providing business solutions with point of sale systems with excellent training and support right for any businesses, which helps in building a better relationship with businesses and its customers.


Budgets and profits must be recorded without error and easily accessible to plan activities. Electronic management of inventory and sales has become essential for survival in the modern and computerized world. Such innovation that Condor brings to a third world country such as Philippines is foreseeing to give a great impact of improving businesses. This change will help to serve its customers well and will soon bring loyal customers to businesses, as a result.


Condor POS Solutions RP Inc. is presently located at 5th Floor Azure Business Center, 1197 EDSA Barangay Katipunan, Muñoz, Quezon City 1105.



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