Advantages Of Digital Videos

POS Systems | Condor Solutions Ltd.A Digital Video over IP (Internet Protocol) offers many benefits and advanced features that an analog video surveillance system can not provide. These advantages include:

  • Easy integration and scalability

  • Flexibility and profitability

  • Remote accessibility: Network cameras and video encoders can be configured and accessed remotely, which allows multiple authorized users to view at any time either live or recorded video from any point of the network around the world. It is an asset when users want a third party, such as a security company who can also access the video.

With a traditional analog CCTV, users must be at a specific location control site to view and manage video, and off-site video access would be impossible without a video encoder or a network digital video recorder. A DVR is the digital equivalent of the VCR.

  • High image quality: In a video surveillance application, the image quality is essential to clearly capture an incident in progress and identify persons or objects involved. With megapixel resolution and progressive scan, a network camera can provide a quality image and resolution greater than an analog camera.

The image quality is also better preserved with a video surveillance network system in terms of analog. With analog systems using DVR as the recording medium, has many process to undergo to convert: first, analog signals are converted into digital signals in the camera, then back to analog for transportation. Ssecond, these analog signals are digitized for registration. The quality of captured images are degraded with every conversion between analog and digital formats, and with the cabling distance. More distance transport of analog video signals, the longer these signals become weak.

System with IP-Surveillance fully digital images from a network camera are digitized once and remain digital, which avoids any unnecessary conversion and image degradation due to distance transport network. In addition, it is easier to store and retrieve digital images compared to analog videotapes.

  • Event management and Intelligent video capabilities: The amount of recorded video is often too large, and not enough time to analyze it properly. Network cameras and video encoders with a sophisticated intelligence or analytical skills integrated solves this problem by reducing the amount of uninteresting recordings and enabling programming responses. Such features are not available with an analog system.

The IP Video products based on open standards

Can be easily integrated with computer systems networking, audio systems or security cameras and other digital devices, in addition to application software and video management. For example, video from a network camera can be integrated into a POS system or building management system.

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